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AFoCO and Dream Sharing Social Cooperative ink MoU

Today, AFoCO and Dream Sharing Social Cooperative signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to pave the way for joint activities on forest restoration and forest ecosystem restoration. Projects and activities aimed at improving local livelihoods through participatory forest rehabilitation approaches are also a key aspect of this cooperation.

This partnership is significant as it is the first corporate social responsibility project that AFoCO is pursuing, with Dream Sharing playing a key role in linking up with stakeholders from the private sector. Projects and activities to be implemented will provide opportunities for relevant stakeholders with opportunities to participate in tree planting activities and contribute towards creating a greener Asia.

Dream Sharing will conduct activities with AFoCO under the campaign titled “One Two Tree”. This means that planting a single tree has two benefits — protecting our environment and creating jobs for local communities. The cooperation between AFoCO and Dream Sharing will begin with the reforestation of mangrove forests in Viet Nam and restoration of degraded land in Myanmar through tree planting activities.

Dream Sharing is a social cooperative (nonprofit corporation) founded in 2017 in the Republic of Korea. One of Dream Sharing’s aim is to help people lead happier lives by developing their capacities and organizing livelihood improvement and reforestation activities.

(L to R) Mr. Kim Hangsok, Chief Executive Officer of Dream Sharing Social Cooperative, and Mr. Chencho Norbu, Executive Director of AFoCO

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