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시골 주택

 “Dream Sharing
supports the independence of those affected by social and economic difficulties and climate change at home and abroad.”

Social-Coop Dream Sharing, has been carrying out a number of projects for several years
with the goal of ‘realizing dre
ams through independence’.
Projects are largely divided into domestic and international projects, with domestic projects
focused on health and education, and overseas projects focused on living environment and climate change.

Our domestic projects are based on reading, writing, and emotional education to help children and adolescents suffering from long-term illnesses return to school after healing.

As a result of these projects, picture books, children's books, etc. were published, and these books can be found at online bookstores.

These projects are being carried out in collaboration with various entities, including the National Cancer Center, Fruit of Love, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Seoul Hospital, and Ewha Womans University Medical Center.

As for overseas projects, we are carrying out projects to improve living conditions and

respond to climate change in the poorest and developing countries.

In the case of improving living environments, the goal is to meet UN-SDGs,

and usually projects achieve at least 5 out of 17 goals of UN-SDGs.

Major countries include Vietnam, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Ethiopia. For this business,

subsidiaries were established in the local countries,

We are collaborating with global companies and professional companies.

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